Assembly of the Sacred Wheel Statement of Belief and Advocacy On Systemic Racism & the Militarization of the Police in the United States

It is the belief of the Assembly of the Sacred Wheel that abuse of power, racism, discrimination, marginalization, and dehumanization, in all forms, are the manifestations of profound soul sickness.  It has persisted throughout human history in one form or another and will until the soul of humanity is evolved beyond it.  Each time it is perceived anew, it is the duty of those possessing awareness to fight, transform and heal this sickness and the horrors it produces – to work with Higher Heart to not only lessen manifest suffering and injustice here and now, but open the way for the influence of true higher-self in human consciousness.

There is no doubt that the blatant and systemic abuse in US culture directed against Black Americans and other people of color, now and throughout our history, is the result of such a soul sickness.  And in this moment, the rallying cry against injustice, inhumanity and soul sickness is Black lives matter.

The Assembly of the Sacred Wheel bows our heads in mourning for all those that have lost their lives and stands in support of all those now fighting for change and those that have lost loved ones to injustice and violence. We join the vital chorus of voices calling for change.  Together, we are a force for positive change.

We stand firm in the call for law enforcement reforms that will eliminate institutionalized racism and its unjust manifestations:

• Repeal of unjust criminal and sentencing statutes.

• Equitable enforcement of the law for all citizens and the end of racial profiling.

• An end to lethal excesses of police violence, abuse of authority, and lack of accountability for unlawful actions.

• A repeal of civil rights erosions related to the failed ‘war on drugs’, which has been undeniably targeted disproportionately toward Black Americans.

• An end to the over-militarization of law enforcement (the 1033 program), a recall of all unreasonable equipment distribution to date and federal oversight for policies governing the use of the equipment that remains in state and local PD control.

• An end to law, statute and policies that continue to punish citizens after they have served their sentences and prevent them from returning to full citizen participation.

This crisis affects all of us, but Black Americans are and have been affected most.  This national failing and shame crosses social, ethical, moral and spiritual arenas, and has permeated our history.  It must be addressed now, unequivocally and bravely, on as many levels as possible.  It is a moral duty to speak out against injustice, educate policy makers, and advocate for change that is in keeping with our spiritual tenets and common human decency.

While each tradition will have to devise the manner in which it can work through faith and practice to support positive evolution, we believe all tradition and faith streams can unite in education and advocacy for change.  We encourage our members and all that read this to explore these issues vigorously, with honesty and a true desire for deep understanding.  We encourage each individual to decide how and when to act in accord with that understanding and to take action as is possible at every opportunity.

So Mote It Be!

— Approved by the leadership council of the ASW on Jan. 17, 2015