The Lesser Invoking and Banishing Rituals of the Pentagram

These rituals were created by the Order of the Golden Dawn and form the basis for the Quarter Cast Circle that we use today. They may be used in daily practice to strengthen your connection between the Elemental forces and your personal elements/directions. The only significant detail that differs between the Invoking and Banishing version is whether you scribe invoking or banishing pentagrams, though each has it specific use and should not be interchanged freely.

Ground and center.

With your athame in your dominant hand (or using either the index finger or two fingers of your dominant hand), Face EAST and perform the Qabalistic Cross as follows:

Visualize the Sephira of Kether – a sphere of brilliant white light above the crown of your head

Touch your forehead with the hilt of the athame and vibrate ATEH (Thou art).

Touch the middle of your solar plexus, then point the athame at the earth and vibrate MALKUTH (Kingdom).

Visualize and feel a shaft of light descending from Kether, through your crown chakra and down through your central column. The light descends into the four-colored (black, russet, olive and citrine) Sephira of Malkuth, just beneath your feet.

Touch your right shoulder and vibrate VE-GEVURAH (and Power).

Visualize the Sephira of Geburah, a sphere of brilliant red light, appear next to your right shoulder.

Touch your left shoulder and vibrate VE-GEDULAH (and Glory).

Visualize and feel a shaft of light emerge from Geburah and pass though your shoulder, your chest and out your left shoulder, where it expands to form the brilliant blue Sephira of Chesed.

Clasp your hands before you with athame pointing upward and vibrate LE-OLAHM (for ever).

Clearly visualize the Cross of Light as it extends through your body and outward into the limitless Universe.

Visualize the brilliant yellow Sepirha of Tiphareth between your hands. Pull it inward to the center of the cross and vibrate AMEN (So Mote It Be!)

Still facing EAST, scribe the (invoking/banishing) Pentagram of Earth. As you scribe visualize a line of brilliant what light extending from the tip of your athame. Thrust the point of the athame into center of the Pentagram and vibrate the Name הוהי (pronounced YAHD HEY VAV HEY).

Visualize your voice carrying outward to the extents of the Universe.

Keeping the athame at the same level, trace a semicircle of light before you as you turn toward the SOUTH. Scribe an (invoking/banishing) Pentagram of Earth, then thrust the athame into the center of it and vibrate the Name ADNI (pronounced AH-DOH-NEYE).

Trace the semicircle to the WEST and scribe an (invoking/banishing) Pentagram. Thrust the athame into the center and vibrate the Name AHIH (pronounced EH-HE-YEH).

Trace the semicircle to the NORTH and scribe an (invoking/banishing) Pentagram. Thrust the athame into the center and vibrate the Name AGLA (pronounced either AH-GAH-LAH or ATAH GIBOR LE-OLAHM ADONAI).

Return to the EAST, completing the circle of brilliant white light and bring the athame point to the center of the EAST Pentagram once more.

Extend your arms in the form of a cross and say,
“Before me” (then vibrate) RAPHAEL (pronounced RAH-PHYE-EHL).

Visualize the brilliant white Archangel Raphael in front of you and facing you. In his/her right hand is a magical Sword held with the point upright. The background is a pale bright yellow. The sylphs of Air (or the angelic host of the Malachim) can be seen near the Archangel. See a gentle breeze cleansing and purifying the air.

Say, “Behind me” (then vibrate) GABRIEL (pronounced GAH-BREE-EHL).

Visualize the brilliant white Archangel Gabriel behind you and facing you, holding in their right hand a silver Chalice. He/she is standing on the surface of a blue ocean surrounded by dolphins and mermaids (or the angelic host of the Ashim). Visualize and feel the cool ocean spray.

Say, “At my right hand” (then vibrate) MICHAEL (pronounced MEE-KHYE-EHL)

Visualize the brilliant white Archangel Michael at your right, facing you, and holding in their right hand a glowing scarlet Wand tipped with a diamond. Waves of scarlet, red-orange and orange fire are in the background and small black salamanders (or the angelic host of the Beni Elohim) can be seen moving among the flames. Feel the heat and power emanating from the SOUTH.

Say, “At my left hand” (then vibrate) AURIEL (pronounced AWE-RI-EHL)

Visualize the brilliant white Archangel Auriel (or Haniel) at your left, facing you and holding between their hands a Disk with a glowing white Pentagram in the center. He/she is surrounded by the gnomes of Earth (or the angelic hosts of the Kerubim). The ground is russet-brown, the leaves of the trees are olive-green, there are black shadows from the trees and the light is citrine (pale yellow-green). Feel the solidity of the Earth, smell the odor of the leaves and muskiness of the ground.

Finally, say, “About me flame the Pentagrams, and in the center shines the Six-rayed Star.”

Visualize the complete circle of white light at whose quadrants are the four Pentagrams. At the center is the Cross of Light extended through your body.

Repeat the Qabalistic Cross and, according to some, stamp your right foot at the conclusion of the operation.